CBB European Pond Turtles

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European Pond Turtles
Emys orbicularis

Adult Length: 5-18″
Suggested Enclosure Size: 40 gallon breeder
UVB Needed?: Yes
Preferred Water Temperature: 85-90F degrees
Substrate: Gravel or Sand

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European Pond Turtles or also referred to as European Pond Terrapins are one of the most widely distributed species of turtle found in Europe. They range from most of Southern Europe all the way into Northern Africa. While they are very common in Europe, they are one of the rarest species of terrapin found in the US Reptile Hobby.

This species has a wide range in adult sizes due to their large wild range. Adults can range from 5″ to 18″ in total length. They are a a true terrapin as they spend just as much time on land as they do in the water. Their diet consists of anything from dropped fruits, insects, and even carrion.

Captive Pond Turtles eat nearly anything presented to them including commercial pellets, live fish, worms, and crickets.

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European Pond Turtles

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