CBB African Sideneck Turtle

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African Sideneck Turtles
Pelusios niger

Adult Length: 6-10″
Suggested Enclosure Size: 40 gallon breeder
UVB Needed?: Yes
Preferred Water Temperature: 75-80F degrees
Substrate: Gravel or Sand

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African Sideneck Turtles were reintroduced to the hobby in 2007. Because of their small size as adults and incredible personality they have grown in popularity ten fold. This species achieves adult lengths of 6-10″. They are a bottom dwelling species that feeds primarily on carrion and crustaceans. In captivity they do well on a variety of diets, including ZooMed Gourmet Turtle Diet and many different live foods such as Ghost Shrimp, varied feeder fish, and even earth worms.

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African Side Neck Turtles

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