CBB Argentine Side Neck Turtles

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Argentine Side Neck Turtles
Phrynops hilarii

Adult Length: 12-16″
Suggested Enclosure Size: 40 gallon breeder
UVB Needed?: Yes
Preferred Water Temperature: 85-90F degrees
Substrate: Gravel or Sand

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Argentine Side Neck Turtles or Toad Head Turtles are from several countries in South America, but are most prominently found in the country of Argentina. They are a very placid species of turtle that gets along great with other species of turtles found with in their same Genus or Family.

This species is very popular but rarely found in the hobby due to their scarcity. They do get decent sized as adults, with females growing as long as 16″ in total length!

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Argentine Sideneck Turtles

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