CBB Manokwari Green Tree Python

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Suggested Enclosure: 18″ x 18″ x 24″ Terrarium
Basking Temperature: 85-90F Degrees
UVB Needed?: No
Sugessted Substrate: ZooMed Forest Floor

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Green Tree Pythons are one of the most popular species of python in the hobby due to their brilliant lime green coloration highlighted by their white and aqua blue spots and markings. All Green Tree Pythons are born either red, yellow, or orange. In the wild babies will perch next to brightly colored flowers where they wait to snatch up small prey items such as lizards, and very small rodents, and sometimes even insects.

As adults they can reach adult lengths of 6 feet, but don’t look that long since they stayed coiled around tree branches waiting for their next meal. Because of how sensitive they are to movement, handling them in captivity should be done very carefully. Since this species is arboreal (lives in the trees) they will often not recognize water in a bowl. Because of this they will need to be misted, where they will drink the water that gathers in their coils.

Green Tree Pythons are found throughout Indonesia, New Zealand, and Australia. They sometimes vary by local in pattern and shade of green they turn as adults. Their local can also sometimes determine how aggressive they are and how well they tolerate being handled.

Manokwari Green Tree Pythons are one of the locals that are often more tolerant of being handled.


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