CBB Pink Tongue Skinks

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Suggested Enclosure: 40 gallon breeder
Basking Temperature: 85-90F degrees
UVB Needed?: NO
Suggested Substrate: ZooMed Forest Floor, Zilla Jungle Mix

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While Pink Tongue Skinks are similar in appearance to their larger cousin the Blue Tongue, they are the only member in their species. They don’t get nearly as long nor as heavy. Adult Pink Tongue Skinks only grow to 12-14″ in total length with over half of this length being in their tails.

They have a very unique diet in the wilds of Australia, feeding primarily on Land Snails and Slugs. In captivity we feed them a variety of insects including Dubia Roaches and Crickets as well as canned cat food. They live under the leaf litter in the forests and rain forests. Like their blue tongued cousins, males are more robust than females. They are far more prolific than Blue Tongue Skinks. They can have very large litters ranging from 20 to 30 babies on average, with the record captive litter being 65.


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