CBB Pink Belly Sideneck

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Pink Belly Sideneck Turtles
Emydura subglobosa

Adult Length: 8-10″
Suggested Enclosure Size: 75 gallon breeder
UVB Needed?: Yes
Preferred Water Temperature: 85-90F degrees
Substrate: Gravel or Sand

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Pink Belly Sideneck Turtles are one of the most popular species of turtles sold in the US that are not native to the US. This moderatly sized turtle reaches adult lengths of 8-10″ long. They’re diet is much the same as many other species of aquatic turtles in they feed on insects, fish, invertebrates, and even some vegetation. These young Pink Bellies have been raised on a mix of ZooMed Gourmet diet along with live feeder fish, and ghost shrimp.

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Pink Belly Side Neck Turtles

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