CBB Japanese Pond Turtles

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Japanese Pond Turtles
Mauremys japonica

Adult Length: 5-7″
Suggested Enclosure Size: 40 gallon breeder
UVB Needed?: Yes
Preferred Water Temperature: 85-90F degrees
Substrate: Gravel or Sand

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Japanese Pond Turtles at one time were the most common turtle in Japan, however do to habitat loss and the Asian Food Markets they are declining rapidly! This species is rarely found in the US. They are wildly popular due to their facial characteristics, as well as their shell patterns and beautiful Olive coloration.

They don’t grow to be very large as adults. In fact adult females rarely exceed 7″ in length. Males are generally around 5″. They diets are that of a typical terrapin, in that they will eat everything from plant matter to fish. In captivity we feed them a good commercial pellet along with live fish, crickets, and worms.

These babies are adorable and will make a great addition to any turtle hobbyists collection.

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Japanese Pond Turtles

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