Asian Water Monitor

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Suggested Enclosure: 40 gallon breeder
Basking Temperature: 90-95F degrees
UVB Needed?: Yes
Substrate Suggested: ZooMed Forest Floor

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Asian Water Monitors are recognized as the 3rd largest monitor species in the world. Adult males have been known to reach total lengths of 10 feet! The only species larger are the Komodo Dragon at the largest, and the Crocodile Monitor at 2nd largest. The main difference in these three species besides size, is their personality. Asian Water Monitors are often regarded as the gentle giants of the monitor world. If handled regularly they can be very tame as adults. There have even been some pet owners that have harness trained their Water Monitors.

In the wild this species has become a nuisance, moving into downtown regions of Indonesia and Sumatra. Taking over water ways and drainage systems. They can consume very large prey items. In captivity we feed the babies pink mice, canned dog food, and a variety of insects.


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